Differentiating Between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

19 July 2016
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Most people know that in the event they can no longer meet their financial responsibilities, they can opt to file for bankruptcy to relieve the burden. However, some people do not fully grasp what bankruptcy law entails. The most common misunderstandings come about when people are thinking of Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcies. This is why it would be essential to enlist the services of a lawyer to walk you through the different bankruptcy options available to you. Read More 

When can recorded materials be submitted in court?

6 July 2016
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There is a growing number of Family Court cases which use illegally recorded materials as part of the evidence. The growing sophistication of smartphones as recorders, as well as the smaller size or surveillance cameras and recorders, has made it much easier to capture phone calls and personal interactions. Here are some guides as to when and how recorded materials can be used in court.  Can the person expect that they are being recorded? Read More 

A Safe Haven For Asylum Seekers Who Get To Australia By Boat

1 July 2016
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If you are planning to seek asylum in Australia, you will need a visa to keep you in the country. Asylum seekers are always at a disadvantage when it comes to visa application; they are hardly given permanent visas. But thanks to Safe Haven Enterprise Visas (SHEV), asylum seekers who get to Australia by boat can now manage to live in Australia and enjoy certain social amenities like the locals. Even though it is still not a permanent visa, it surely feels like one. Read More 

What to do when served with a business litigation summon and complaint

21 June 2016
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Business ownership comes with certain legal risks. Generally, businesses are prone to the dangers of being served with business litigation summons and complaints at any moment. Customers can infer all manner of reasons to file a lawsuit against your business. While some complaints are legitimate, others are not. In this regard, business owners should take some specific steps to protect themselves and their businesses when served with these summons and complaints. Read More 

Every young person needs a will

21 June 2016
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There's a common misconception among the young and single population that there's no great need to have a will or estate plan, because at this moment in their young lives, a will serves no worthwhile purpose. The assumption is that they are either too young or own little assets to require a will. Additionally, they also assume a will is expensive. For a young single individual with little assets, a modest will including healthcare, financial powers of attorney as well as an advanced healthcare directive will provide them with an adequate, affordable and effective cover at this moment in their lives. Read More