A Safe Haven For Asylum Seekers Who Get To Australia By Boat

1 July 2016
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If you are planning to seek asylum in Australia, you will need a visa to keep you in the country. Asylum seekers are always at a disadvantage when it comes to visa application; they are hardly given permanent visas. But thanks to Safe Haven Enterprise Visas (SHEV), asylum seekers who get to Australia by boat can now manage to live in Australia and enjoy certain social amenities like the locals. Even though it is still not a permanent visa, it surely feels like one.  

Why Should You Go For Safe Haven Enterprise Visas?

If you want to stay in Australia, a SHEV is what will keep you in the country for the next five years. And it not only gives you protection but also certain benefits like access to jobs, Medicare, short-term counseling for trauma and torture, and access to Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP). AMEP offers 510 hours of English tuition so that you can be able to learn the English language as well as settlement skills; learning about language and skills will help you to contribute economically and socially in the society.

Another benefit of a SHEV is that if you have been granted one, you can later apply for other visas except a permanent protection permanent visa. All that is required of you is to meet what is called the SHEV requirements; the requirements state that you must be a SHEV holder and you must have been studying or working (or both) in regional Australia (Tasmania and New South Wales) for forty two months.

Are You Eligible For A SHEV?

You may be eligible for a SHEV under certain conditions. One is if you have been invited to apply for one. Another is if one or at least one of your family members has the will and intention of working or studying in a regional area. He or she must also not apply for Centerlink payments. Centerlink is a government agency that offers a wide range of services including unemployment benefits to people who live on low income or without an income at all.  

Are There Any Limitations If You Are A SHEV Holder?

As an asylum seeker, there are things you can't do even if you have been given temporary protection in Australia. One is that you cannot go back to the country that you are running from. Another limitation is that you cannot sponsor any of your family members with a visa.

Although a SHEV does not cover for all the services one may wish for, it is really helpful if you are an asylum seeker. For more information, contact a migration lawyer.