Critical Information to Provide a Family Lawyer During the First Consultative Meeting

12 October 2019
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Information is power. Unfortunately, partners looking to divorce don't take this statement with the seriousness it deserves and end up going through a tumultuous separation process. If you have reached a point where you believe divorce is inevitable, then you need to prepare well. A divorce lawyer will help you deal with the enormity of legal logistics as well as the financial commitment that comes with the proceedings. Notably, lawyers must understand your specific needs during the initial consultation meeting. Most importantly, you should supply lawyers with critical information during the initial engagement. This article highlights what you should provide your family lawyer as you prepare for divorce.

Brief Financial Picture

Most people believe that the first consultative meeting with their divorce lawyer is only meant to break the ice and get to know the lawyer better. While this offers an excellent ice-breaking opportunity, a professional divorce lawyer understands the enormity of the process. Therefore, they prefer to begin the process immediately, and the first thing the lawyers need is a brief financial picture. It doesn't have to be exhaustive, and most lawyers will tell you that a chicken scratch on a cocktail napkin is enough. Ensure that you list all your financial accounts, the primary account holder, current balances and debtors' accounts. Usually, divorce attorneys want to find out your level of financial involvement in the marriage.

Any Agreement with Your Spouse

In today's modern world, agreements between spouses before during or after marriage are not something new. Therefore, if you have any agreement between you and your spouse, such as a prenuptial agreement, then ensure you bring it with you during the initial consultation. As cheesy as it might sound, you need to help your lawyer to help you, and ensuring you have all agreements is an essential part of the process. The reason is that your attorney can only promise the give the best advice after looking at such agreements. If you have been working on a separation agreement with your spouse, ensure that you also give it to your lawyer since it might impact your divorce case.  

An Open Mind

Divorce proceedings are unpredictable and should be approached with an open mind. Unfortunately, this is the last thing most clients want to hear as they have a solid idea of how the divorce will look like. Such preconceived notions only lead to disappointments. Therefore, before you pull into the potential attorney's parking lot, repeat this mantra to yourself: No two divorces are the same. Having an open mind about possible custody schedules or property sharing helps your attorney to come up with an effective strategy.  

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