FAQs About What to Do After a Car Accident

18 January 2016
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Getting involved in a motor vehicle accident is often scary for a large number of motorists. The shock from the accident and thoughts about the legal and financial implications of the accident often combine to leave the motorist in a state of confusion.

The best way for a motorist to prevent this confusion is by gathering as much relevant information about accident scenarios beforehand. Discussed below are answers to two common questions that affected motorists may have.

When Should a Motor Vehicle Attorney Be Involved?

In certain accident scenarios, the services of a car accident lawyer are more than necessary. For example, an attorney would be required in the event that an errant motorist is under-insured or he or she doesn't have an insurance cover. Legal assistance from the attorney will be helpful in getting the victim compensated, even in the absence of insurance coverage.

It is also necessary to seek legal assistance in the event that a motor vehicle accident inflicts long-term injuries on a victim. These are injuries of which the effects will be felt long after the accident and are bound to change the victim's way of life. An attorney will help to ensure that the victim gets adequate compensation that will allow him or her to comfortably adjust to the new way of life.

Additionally, accident victims should not hesitate to hire an attorney if there's a dispute about who is responsible for the accident. Settlement of such a dispute will involve the interpretation of traffic laws, which will aid in proving that an errant motorist is indeed at fault.

Are Car Accident Claims Time-Bound?

Yes. In a large number of states, there are specified time limits within which an accident victim hoping to seek legal redress should file his or her claim with the courts. Failure to file a claim within the specified time period may cost an accident victim their chance to have the case heard in court.

Due to the highly unpredictable nature of accident scenarios, the specified time limit may be extended. One example of these situations is when an accident victim is receiving medical treatment (for accident-inflicted injuries) at the time when the time limit expired.

To be on the safe side, accident victims who wish to pursue the case in court are advised to file their claim as soon as they possibly can.

For further legal information about first-time involvement in a motor vehicle accident, make a date with the motor vehicle accident attorney.