How A Criminal Lawyer Can Help With Your Drug Possession Case

16 March 2021
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Have you been accused of drug possession? If you have, you need the services of an experienced criminal lawyer. Below is an excerpt discussing how a criminal lawyer can help out with your drug possession case.  Securing Bail If you have been arrested for the offence, the lawyer will request the arresting officer to grant you bail. If this is not possible, the lawyer will move to court and make a bail application. Read More 

Everything You Need to Know About Pet Laws

23 November 2020
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If you plan on keeping a pet or already keep one, you should know some important pet laws to ensure you provide the best for your pet and avoid situations that would put you and your pet at any risk. Here are examples of such pet laws. Illegal Pets Before keeping a particular animal as a pet, find out whether it is illegal to have such a pet in your state. Read More 

Estate Planning Tips

28 July 2020
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 Estate planning allows you to decide how you would want your property managed or divided once you die. Below is a guide on the estate planning process.  An estate lawyer will guide you through the planning process. Your choice of lawyer must be experienced and professional. In addition, they must be a people person becaise estate planning is a long process. As such, you will regularly interact with the lawyer.  Read More 

Critical Information to Provide a Family Lawyer During the First Consultative Meeting

12 October 2019
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Information is power. Unfortunately, partners looking to divorce don't take this statement with the seriousness it deserves and end up going through a tumultuous separation process. If you have reached a point where you believe divorce is inevitable, then you need to prepare well. A divorce lawyer will help you deal with the enormity of legal logistics as well as the financial commitment that comes with the proceedings. Notably, lawyers must understand your specific needs during the initial consultation meeting. Read More 

Vet Malpractice: Should You Hire a Lawyer?

23 January 2019
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Vets have a duty of care to treat animals to set medical standards. If a vet has injured your pet or made it ill, say during a botched surgery or because of negligent care, then you may be angry enough to do something about it. While you may get some satisfaction from reporting the vet to the authorities, this may not give you complete closure or solve all your problems. Consulting a lawyer who specialises in pet law may help. Read More