What Impacts the Severity of a DUI Driving Offense?

23 February 2022
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If you're currently awaiting your court date for a DUI driving offense, you are probably really worried about what the penalties and consequences of your case are going to be. As you might know, the courts often take DUI cases very seriously, so this might be why you're concerned. The magistrate that you go in front of on your court date will probably look at a few different things when handling sentencing. Read More 

What to Do When Your Child Refuses to See the Other Parent

5 November 2021
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Children refuse to see a parent for a number of reasons, and when a divorcing couple is caught up in a court case or custody dispute, having the child suddenly say they don't want to see one of the parents anymore can make things much more complicated. In Australia, courts don't have to listen to people under the age of 18, but they may choose to take the child's claims into account depending on the maturity level of the child – not the age, but the maturity level, and it is possible for the court to actually follow the child's wishes. Read More 

Divorce Documents In Australia

2 August 2021
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If you have watched a movie starring a divorcing couple, you have probably heard about divorce documents. Typically, this is the documentation that a couple needs to formalise the dissolution of their marriage. If you wish to divorce your spouse in Australia, read the article below to learn about divorce documents.  Divorce Application Documents Once you file for a divorce, the court will send you documents to serve your spouse. Typically, you should serve the divorce application document, the brochure titled 'marriage, families and separation', and the acknowledgment of service. Read More 

Conveyancing 101: 5 Vital Elements Of The Contract Of Sale

25 May 2021
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One of the primary roles of your conveyancer is negotiating the terms of sale. Typically, these terms are outlined in the contract of sale. This article details some of the vital issues that require the expertise of a conveyancer when drafting the contract of sale.  1. Property Description A property description is an important yet underrated aspect of the contract of sale. The seller must disclose what they are selling. For instance, what is the size of the plot? Read More 

How A Criminal Lawyer Can Help With Your Drug Possession Case

16 March 2021
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Have you been accused of drug possession? If you have, you need the services of an experienced criminal lawyer. Below is an excerpt discussing how a criminal lawyer can help out with your drug possession case.  Securing Bail If you have been arrested for the offence, the lawyer will request the arresting officer to grant you bail. If this is not possible, the lawyer will move to court and make a bail application. Read More