How to Start Getting Your Affairs in Order

17 June 2016
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Regardless of your age, you need to get your affairs in order. This helps to protect your loved ones in the event of your passing, letting them know how to handle your estate and what your wishes were in regards to your assets. Here are some tips for getting started with the process. Get Your Documents Together You probably have a lot of financial, personal, and legal documents scattered around or filed in various places. Read More 

4 mistakes to avoid just after getting injured at your place of work

26 May 2016
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A workplace injury or disease can wreak significant havoc on your career and personal finances. If you are injured on the job, then you are entitled to workers' compensation. However, there are actions and inactions that can have an effect on the sum of compensation you receive following your workplace injury. As your compensation lawyer will tell you, avoid the following 4 mistakes just after getting injured at your place of work. Read More 

How to get your witnesses to appear in court to give testimony

24 May 2016
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Many people are unwilling to appear in court due to fear or a lack of acquaintance with the court system. Also, due to the protracted nature of court cases, potential witnesses fear losing time off their work or businesses if they are to attend the court sessions. Therefore, if you are facing criminal charges and have witnesses to prove your innocence, then the key question revolves on how to get the testimony from these witnesses to help in your criminal case. Read More 

Finding a Lawyer When You Have Low Funds

23 May 2016
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Often the time that you need legal assistance is the time that you have the least money to get legal assistance! Here are some ways you can access free or low-cost legal services.  Legal aid The first stop for many people is the legal aid system. This provides legal support to defendants regardless of their ability to pay, but this is often limited by how much time and capacity the legal aid system in each state has. Read More 

3 Questions For The Conveyancing Solicitor

20 May 2016
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Legal fees payable to a conveyancing solicitor are perhaps the best example of the hidden/indirect costs of home ownership. Below are answers to three important questions that a prospective homeowner should ask a conveyancing solicitor in a bid to cut down on costs. How About A Flat-Fee Arrangement? More often than not, conveyancing solicitors quote an hourly rate of payment for their services. However, these professionals fully understand the cost implications of home ownership and as such, they're often flexible when it comes to the mode of payment. Read More